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A customized fitness + wellness program tailored to meet your needs towards living a more youthful and energetic life. During a our sessions, the goal is to facilitate movement with ease, injury prevention, readiness for exercise, and experience REAL REJUVENATION.

Our Services are for

Individuals, Groups, and Employers


Individuals and groups can train with us via Zoom, FaceTime, Facebook or Skype. We offer one-on-one sessions every day to people all over the world. All you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone.


To set up an appointment, contact KarenWells at or call her at (678) 665-9088. Ask about her specials when you contact her!


De-Stress at your Desk

Wellness programs are important for today's employers and their team members. Research has proven the detriments of sitting too long, as most people do at work nowadays at the workplace and at home. Repetitive movements cause discomfort, pain, and injury.


The De-Stress at Your Desk Program is designed to improve posture, decrease pain, and help people be more productive at work.


Such professionals as lawyers, doctors, civil engineers, and many others have taken this program and reduced pain while improving performance and decreasing pain. This program helps employees to be more productive and employers to improve morale and output.


What makes this program different?


We address a different part of the body that most programs ignore. It's not the muscles or the joints. It's the fascia -- the connective tissue that covers your muscles, bones, joints, ligaments, and more. It's a thin casing of connective tissue that holds everything in place. Fascia has nerve endings that make it almost as sensitive a skin.


  • When we think we're feeling muscle pain, it's actually often our fascia. 

  • Hydrating our body keeps the fascia lubricated so we can move easier and feel better.

  • It's why a hot shower helps us get going in the morning when we're stiff.


Fascia connects everything in our bodies. So,  when we stimulate it correctly through various movement techniques, the systems of the body function better. That means our muscles, joints, digestive system, sleep patterns -- EVERYTHING -- work better.




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