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Movement Is the Key to Longevity.

I am Karen Wells, a veteran fitness expert who specializes in relieving chronic pain, building healthy lifestyles, and dissolving work-related stress.


Let me help you feel, look, and move better – no matter your age or fitness level – starting today.



Live, Virtual Sessions for Individuals and Groups

Our sessions focus on helping clients relieve chronic pain from repetitive motions or stress.  The techniques we use help one to move easier while performing daily activities and benefit one's strength, posture, range of motion, flexibility, and balance. 


After each session, you will have more mobility and stability through mind-body techniques such as yoga, functional movement, and more. 


De-Stress at Your Desk

Did you know that sitting is now considered as unhealthy as smoking? De-Stress At Your Desk is targeted to eliminate back pain, neck and shoulder pain, as well as hand, wrist and hip pain caused by sitting and lack of movement during the workday.


The De-Stress Program is ready for employers or individuals as a series of one-hour LIVE or Virtual webinars for anyone at a home or business office.


They FELT the difference immediately and in their daily life! YOU will too!


To watch these videos from two happy clients, click on the names.




“Karen’s private sessions are now part of  my lifestyle, like brushing my teeth. Twice a week she keeps me on track, pain free and strong.”


“A terrible wreck left me with chronic back and knee pain. Since working with Karen I am pain free. I love the individualized attention I get during private sessions. I know I’ll never get injured working with Karen!”


 "As a college football player,  training with weights can leave me sore or injured. What I learned from Karen helps my muscles recuperate quicker and prevent injuries. That helps me  safer more productive football player."

GA Tech Football Player

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